March 18, 2021

ESGREM, the working group of supra-municipal entities in Spain, is created to accelerate the transition to sustainable waste management

by MaresmeCircular in Consortium

This working group has been set up with the aim of coordinating the territorial and inter-territorial collaboration of the supra-municipal agents involved in the world of waste in Spain. The idea is to achieve synergies, apply instruments for promotion and improvement and present themselves in a unified manner before the state and European public authorities.

According to the latest reports from the European Community, the treatment of Municipal Waste in Spain has not improved significantly in recent years. A fact that contrasts drastically with the demanding future required by many of the laws, directives and regulations that are emerging within the framework of municipal waste. Besides this, if we take into account that it is estimated that the additional costs for Spanish local authorities could increase by up to one billion euros per year until 2035, there is a clear need for effective action.

Precisely because of this need, ESGREM has been created, a working group whose purpose is to promote and formalise the cooperation and coordination of supra-municipal entities dedicated to waste management in Spain. With more than thirty entities from all over Spain, including consortia, associations, provincial councils and metropolitan areas, ESGREM’s mission is clear: to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable municipal waste management with a view to climate protection and the fulfilment of the ambitious European objectives.

ESGREM, which is established without formal commitments in the shape of a working group and with the help of the Fòrum Ambiental Foundation as secretariat, was created to coordinate the territorial and inter-territorial collaboration of the supra-municipal agents involved in the world of waste in Spain, with the aim of achieving synergies and also applying instruments for promotion and improvement. In addition, the sum of all the participating entities allows the working group to share experiences and knowledge that will be conveyed through various formats.

One of the objectives of this working group is to achieve a unified representation of the supra-municipal sphere that allows it to position itself and formulate opinions, acting from a joint position before the state and European public authorities.
But ESGREM also wants to act at a local level, assisting entities to increase their service levels in terms of the circular economy and public health, in everything related to waste management, as well as seeking the co-responsibility of the general public.

For a long time now, some of the supra-municipal entities related to the world of waste in Catalonia have been meeting in a space for debate, from where many of the issues that now make up the lines of work of ESGREM were addressed. This initiative was developed informally and this year it was decided to formalise it, taking it a step further and extending it to the whole of Spain.
The Maresme Waste Consortium plays an active role in this working group, in which Carles Salesa, as director of the Consortium, has been one of the driving forces behind the initiative.