The Maresme Consortium for Municipal Solid Waste Treatment is an administrative organisation formed by Barcelona City Council, the Maresme County Council and 28 towns in the Maresme area

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Maresme Circular, the brand of the Maresme Waste Consortium, celebrated young talent by taking part this Thursday 6th June in the awards ceremony of the 6th edition of the Metrópolis FP Lab, a programme of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area and the BCN Vocational Training Foundation that aims to promote innovation and creativity among vocational training...

The introduction of iron oxides in the process of biomethanisation of organic waste has considerably reduced the levels of H2S, the main cause of bad odours The intensity of the odour at the plant could be further reduced after the implementation of a pilot test of a deodorisation system in the biomethanisation hall Maresme Circular,...

Metrópolis FP Lab is an initiative promoted by the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona and the BCN Vocational Training Foundation with the aim of promoting vocational training and fostering innovation and creativity among young people. Thirteen companies propose thirteen real challenges, offering students from different training cycles the opportunity to develop a collaborative project that addresses...