The consortium

The Maresme Consortium for Municipal Solid Waste Treatment (hereafter Consortium) is an administrative entity belonging to the public sector of the Mataró Town Hall, created to deal with the management and treatment of the municipal waste of the Maresme area.

After more than 30 years, the Consortium has achieved a respected record and international prestige by committing to environmental and energy innovation in the area.

Since 1985 the Consortium has been the contract holder of a waste treatment facility located in Mataró, on the les Hortes industrial estate. This centre has evolved over time into the current modern plant, becoming what is known as the 3rd generation of the Consortium’s infrastructures.

This model facility has been operating since 2012 as the Maresme Integral Centre for Waste Recovery, which now serves approximately a million inhabitants (Maresme and Vallés Oriental).


With the collaboration of the new Chair of Circular Economy at the TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme (Pompeu Fabra University) and other knowledge centres.

Strategic Redefinition: Maresme Circular



We believe in systematic change in the way we use our resources, and that new models of production and consumption are possible.

We believe that human activity and its environmental footprint have to respect the limits of the planet’s natural systems.

We believe that the common good has to prevail over irresponsible activity and growth.



Offering and promoting activities which ‘close the loop’ and take advantage of resources: The Circular Economy.

Dedicating the Consortium’s own resources to establishing a new location and the first actions in a decidedly ambitious commitment from the public sphere.

Using a multi-agent strategic collaboration: The public sector, private sector, third sector, knowledge centres and the general public.

Promoting the environmental and socio-economic improvement of the Maresme. Creating jobs.

Driving innovation and tangible, scalable added-value projects.

Through a Strategic Plan for the Circular Economy and Resource Management in the Maresme.



Mataró-Maresme Circular Park, integrated into the new Maresme Circular strategy.

A Park conceived to house activities involving the participation of the general public, and others of a more industrial nature, bringing added value to the idea of closing the loops of utilization in the practical application of the concept of the Circular Economy.

A Park seen as a unit, a singular metabolism with various forms and participants, which aims to strengthen and accelerate the transition towards a Circular Economy.

A disruptive and singular project, both nationally and internationally.

Adapted to the region and its socio-economic fabric, socially responsible, and with a spirit of continuous improvement.

Mataró-Maresme Circular Park

In this Park activities of varying kinds will be developed, but all integrated into a shared vision and under the principles of the Circular Economy, all of this located on the same plot of land and supervised by the Consortium:

  1. Activities on prevention, awareness, repair and reuse directly aimed at the general public, with an emphasis on cross-cutting social integration in the different activities that will be carried out.
  2. Door-to-door collection and preparation for the reuse of bulky waste as a main priority in the management and utilization of waste.
  3. Sorting of bulky waste to increase material recycling and reduce the quantity of waste destined for waste-to-energy.
  4. Activities of a more technological and industrial nature, from the private sector, based on the different strategies and actions identified in the Strategic Plan for the Circular Economy and Resource Management in the Maresme.
  5. Other opportunities and actions which are coherent with the Consortium’s vision and which bring added value to the idea of closing the loops of resource utilization within the framework of the application of the Circular Economy.

The Park project will be assembled in a series of phases. The first phase will comprise of activities 1, 2 & 3 from the above list, which have a public service vocation, while activities 4 & 5 will be developed in subsequent phases.


The 1st phase is focused on the activities in the Remake Area and on the services for the improvement of efficiency in the material recovery of bulky waste.

Occupying 2,771 m² of the plot and in accordance with the planning regulations for public facilities, a building with various levels will be constructed, with the distinctive feature of being accessible from two streets:

  • From C/ Camí de Ca la Madrona (superior level) the Remake Area will be built, a unique building with two floors, where activities aimed at the general public will be carried out.
  • From C/ Vapor Gordils (inferior level), which will provide access to the basement and mezzanine floor of the industrial and bulky waste management area: sorting for recycling and preparation for reuse. To allow access to this area an entrance will be developed and built with a lorry weighbridge as well as a manoeuvre area in accordance with planning regulations for industrial land.

Remake Area

The Remake Area is the most emblematic project of the 1st phase of actions. It will be a combination of free services for the general public aimed at reducing waste: advice on auto-repair, workshops and talks for the general public, and measures to promote social inclusion for disadvantaged groups. The project is inspired by the programme “Repaired, better than new!” which is being developed in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, but with a wider and more social focus.

The Remake Area will include advice on auto-repair in different areas: computer and electronic equipment, carpentry and furniture, bicycles, textiles, home improvement (plumbing, electrical, small electric goods). On the ground floor there will be an exchange area and second-hand shop, as well as activities related to the problem of food waste, home composting, organic cultivation, etc., and other projects of a social nature considered viable and related to these activities. For this reason, a space for community allotments is planned.

Cost of the 1st Phase

The cost of the execution of the contract for the building of the 1st phase will be around €5.3M.
The beginning of this first phase of work is scheduled to start in spring 2020. The executive project is currently being finalized.

Sorting of Bulky Waste

The treatment of bulky waste, which is currently being done at the Maresme Integral Centre for Waste Recovery, will now happen at the Park, with the aim of improving material recovery, as well as increasing and diversifying the typology and origins of this waste stream.

For this reason the space that is currently used will be increased and the priority will be to achieve the maximum separation possible of recyclable fractions, to avoid them being sent to waste-to-energy or landfill.

Preparation for reuse

Among the initiatives included in this 1st phase, aside from the sorting of bulky waste, is a plan to collect this waste door-to-door. This will allow the potential for recovery to be maximised, through preparation for reuse and second-hand sale, which is the priority destination before recycling.

Mataró Town Hall, with the planned new door-to-door collection of bulky waste, will in fact be the first user of this area, which has both a disruptive and innovative management model, allowing improvement in the utilization of this waste.

All the objects which have been able to be restored and cleaned will be sent to the second-hand shop in the Remake Area to be sold. The sale of second-hand articles meets two fundamental objectives: (1) lengthening the life cycle of the products and reducing the quantity of waste produced; and (2) giving the public access to perfectly valid products which are adequate for use.

Subsequent phases of the Mataró-Maresme Circular Park

The subsequent phases of the Park will centre on more technological and industrial aspects from the private sector, until the available space is full (18,171 m2 total plot).

Preferable strategic sectors for the land

In general, those identified in the Strategic Plan for the Circular Economy and Resource Management in the Maresme.

Specifically: textile, tourism and services, agri-food, construction, chemical, pharmaceutical…

Strategic materials/flows: plastics, metals and strategic minerals, critical raw materials, textiles, renewable materials, energy…

Circularity criteria for admission to the Mataró-Maresme Circular Park

Some of the following criteria will be valued:

Improving the efficient use of raw materials in production, including through reducing the use of primary raw materials and increasing the use of by-products and waste.

Increasing the durability, reparability, upgradability or reusability of products.

Increasing the recyclability of products, including of individual materials contained in products.

Reducing the content of hazardous substances in materials and products.

Prolonging the use of the products, including through increasing reuse, remanufacturing, upgrading, repair and sharing of products by consumers.

Increasing the use of secondary raw materials and their quality, including through high-quality recycling of waste.

Reducing waste generation.

Increasing preparation for re-use and recycling of waste.

Using natural energy resources efficiently.

Favouring the recovery of critical raw materials.

Maximising reduction and saving in greenhouse gas emissions.

Improving the results of environmental impact on the products, services or processes through Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Maximizing economic impacts on the region.

Maximizing social returns in the region.

Establishing a change in the model of production and consumption.

Maximizing the results of the Economy for the Common Good.

Scalability and replicability.

Model of the relationship between the Consortium and the companies

  • Long or very long-term renting at special rates. Prices and contract length to be defined.
  • Investment in the necessary building work and installations for the company’s activity to be borne by the company itself.
  • Minimum area of the activity: 500 m2 (urban planning limitation). Maximum area to be defined.
  • Availability of common access services (lorries), parking, security, academic collaboration and other possible services.
  • Possibility of symbiosis in determined streams among companies in place at the Park, or with the Consortium itself.
  • Possibility of special rates on reservation for companies from the social and solidarity economy.

7 reasons to invest in the Mataró-Maresme Circular Park


Because it’s a great opportunity for establishment, at a good price, on industrial land in the city of Mataró and the Maresme area, with good services and an excellent location and transport connections (direct access C-32) with Barcelona and the Mediterranean.


Because public-private collaboration and promotion by the administrations will allow the acceleration of the establishment of the activity (licences).


Because the meeting of the acceptation criteria for establishment in the MMCP implies the sharing of a different vision of economic activity under the new paradigm of the Circular Economy, strengthening participation among all participant agents, under the leadership of the Consortium


To be able to use existing common services and renewable energy, as well as possible synergies with the Maresme Integral Centre for Waste Recovery, a modern installation with the latest technology, and owned by the Consortium.


For prestige, because the Mataró-Maresme Circular Park is part of an ambitious plan to convert the county of the Maresme into a benchmark Circular Economy hub in Southern Europe.


To collaborate with investigation and knowledge centres (Chair of Circular Economy at the TecnoCampus, among others).


For the added value of a common media image identified with specific values.