April 8, 2021

A new app for the general public has been launched to determine the origin of odours around the Maresme Waste Centre and respond to incidents

by MaresmeCircular in Consortium

At the beginning of the year, the Maresme Waste Consortium launched a study to obtain data on the incidence of odours at various points in the immediate surroundings of the Waste Centre and in the city of Mataró, in order to determine which of these come from the Centre itself. As part of this study and with the idea of obtaining real valuations that allow the monitoring, control and surveillance of the odorous impact of the Centre, an application for mobile devices has now also been launched.
By using this application, the odours perceived at that moment can be recorded and sent directly to the Maresme Waste Consortium. In this way, the data obtained in the study that the Centre began in January will come not only from the mesh where different professionals carry out the analysis at different established points, but also from the participation of the people who use the application.

At the moment, just over thirty volunteers will participate using the application during an initial testing period. This is a diverse sample made up of people who carry out a large part of their activity in areas such as the Polígono de les Hortes and the neighbourhoods of Cerdanyola, Plà d’en Boet, Peramàs, the Rengle area and the Eixample.
The application is easy to use: when you notice a particular smell, you must access and fill in a very simple form, in which a series of specific data will be recorded, such as what type of smell it is, what level of discomfort it produces, in which direction it is located and how long it has lasted. Once the form has been sent, it will be received by the Maresme Waste Consortium, which will manage each incident individually.

Once the trial period has passed, the idea is to open this application to anyone who wants to participate and use it as a tool to provide information on the odours perceived at a specific time and place. In this way, the incidents obtained will complement the information from the study that was launched at the end of January, determining the real focus of the odours noticed around the Waste Centre and in the city in general, while at the same time providing a service to the public.
The Consortium is confident that, through this application, it will be possible to complement the information of the Odournet study, helping to identify new actions that lead to the mitigation of possible odours that may come from the Maresme Waste Centre.