October 24, 2016

Victor Küppers will give a conference at the Recuwatt Congress

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The prestigious motivational speaker will talk about the strength of kindness as a tool to overcome adverse environments

The session will emphasise the importance of personal attitudes and the necessity of maintaining your frame of mind, passion and enthusiasm in an environment as adverse as the one we face now. The speaker will explain investigations into positive psychology that conclude that kindness to others is the fastest route to success. The session will reflect on the implications of being kind, how to configure our character, and the influence it has on our emotional wellbeing.
Küppers graduated in Business Management and Administration and obtained his doctorate in Humanities. He works as a trainer and motivational speaker and gives classes in Business Management at the International University of Catalonia and the University of Barcelona.
He was vice president of Barna Consulting Group y Assistant Professor at IESE.
He also gives conferences to parents of pupils on “Living with enthusiasm in the family”
His is a vocational dedication to training. He doesn’t consider himself an expert nor does he claim to have the capacity to investigate or create new theories. According to him, he just reads the experts, copies the ideas that he likes, and transmits them.
Küppers is not a wise man but he reads wise men. He firmly believes in the possibilities that everyone has, and in the importance of personal attitudes to develop our enormous potential.