October 19, 2016

Recuwatt 2016: more transversal content in the cycle of waste management

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Recycling, energy and life: it’s in our hands

The IV edition of the RECUWATT Congress will be held on the 26th, 27th and 28th of October – A renewed edition with more transversal content encompassing the whole cycle of waste management, and with a wider organisational base which involves the waste consortiums of the Maresme, Vallès Oriental and Vallès Occidental, as well as the Fundación Forum Ambiental and the Catalonia Waste Agency

After 3 successful editions and the creation of a prestigious brand based on attendance, organization and content, the IV edition of the RECUWATT Congress is here, and in many aspects it’s a renewed Congress.

In the first place because of the organisers, more integrated into the local community and with greater territorial reach. The Consortiums of the Maresme, Vallès Oriental and Vallès Occidental have come together in a show of collaboration and local involvement to organise an international event of the stature of RECUWATT. These Consortiums provide service to a total territory with a population close to 2 million inhabitants, through a first-rate combination of infrastructure and extensive services.

The Fundación Forum Ambiental and the Catalonia Waste Agency are also participating in the organisation of the event, as well as the collaboration of sixty public and private entities. With this integrated formula we obtain a level of knowledge and experience in waste management which guarantees the best results in the organisation of an event of this kind. At the same time the future of the congress as a key national and international event in Catalonia is guaranteed.

Furthermore, the content of the new RECUWATT maintains its quality and international character, but with a more transversal and hierarchical vision of the complete cycle of waste management, therefore adapting itself to the concerns and current challenges in the sector.

Programme content will range from strategic/conceptual aspects to presentations with a high technical content, as well as more local experiences.

The day before the Congress, on the afternoon of the 26th October, an event will be held which is specifically aimed at local authorities and the managers of public services: a debate over key aspects and management challenges which affect the local community, such as prevention, the collection of organic material, door-to-door collection, commercial collection, taxation, etc. 

Additionally, on the morning of the 26th, in an event which is closed to the public and hosted by the Catalonia Waste Agency, there will be a meeting of Autonomous Communities on the subject of territorial strategies of circular economy.

In the main Congress, with a clear international character, aspects to be discussed include: the sustainable management of resources; the vision of waste within the framework of the new circular economy; new information systems applied to waste; the role of waste-to-energy; alternative treatments; communication and the perception of the citizen; the vision of the ecological world; the role of the industry; social initiatives; technological advances, etc.

In this edition of RECUWATT there is an exhibition of posters, which will be voted for by congress participants to select the best work, as well as an exhibition of the latest technology in collection and cleaning machinery, giving visibility to all who participate in waste management and the provision of public services.

This exhibition will include state of the art examples of machinery for public service from manufacturers such as: SVAT, ROS ROCA, Casla and MALIV, accompanied by their representatives and distributors.

Apart from the programme and themes for debate, it’s very important for the organisers to look after the participants at the Congress. For this reason we have included the unique presentation by Víctor Küppers on how to face life with kindness, a locally sourced gastronomic lunch will be offered and there will be a very special cultural visit, as well as other surprises. For the organisers of RECUWATT it’s a priority that the experience of attending the Congress is a pleasant and exciting one.

For more information: www.recuwatt.com, info@recuwatt.com