October 14, 2016

A delegation from the Cuban government visits the Maresme Consortium

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The Maresme plant is a reference for a waste management plant that the government wants to build in Havana

This Monday a delegation from the Cuban government has visited the Consortium plant. The delegation, formed by civil servants from the Cuban public company UERMP (Union of Companies for the Recycling of Raw Materials), assigned to the Ministry of Industry of the government of the Republic of Cuba, has visited with the aim of receiving information about the plant, both the recycling process and treatment of waste as well as the building and machinery.

In the course of the presentation, given by the director of the Consortium, Carles Salesa, the members of the delegation explained that the Cuban government is planning an investment to direct the country towards a more sustainable change in its waste management model, and that they want to build a plant in Havana which will allow them to reach this goal.

The representatives of the Cuban delegation who visited the plant were: Jorge Luis Tamayo Díaz, managing director, Estela Marta Domínguez Ariosa, assistant director, Dulaine Vergara Castro, investment specialist, Ernesto López García and Vicente Santé Heredia, technical specialists, and Jose Maria Arque, council member of the Cuban PSP.