November 28, 2017

The Consortium distributes nearly 2000 advent calendars and 4000 fridge magnets in street activities across the 27 member municipalities

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The initiative forms part of the communication campaign “Recycle and win”, to raise awareness and encourage recycling at home

On Saturday 25th November the Maresme Consortium for Municipal Solid Waste Treatment began handing out almost 2000 advent calendars and 4000 fridge magnets across the 27 member municipalities, as part of the street activities included in the awareness campaign “Recycle and win”, which began a couple of weeks ago.

Both the advent calendar (a tradition from the Nordic countries which is gradually becoming popular here) and the magnet are personalized with the image and slogan of the awareness campaign. In addition, the windows of the advent calendar contain original drawings by the local photographer and graphic artist, Marga Cruz, with motifs which are representative of the Maresme.

To facilitate the distribution in the 27 municipalities, a street activity has been organised in every town, led by students from the Institute of Theatre, to promote the recycling awareness campaign. These activities began on Saturday 25th November and will finish on Tuesday afternoon.
The campaign “Recycle and win” has been formulated by the Consortium to emphasise content over advertising impact, and will last several weeks. With that in mind, the next few weeks will see the incorporation into the campaign of viral videos, graphic art specifically aimed at youngsters, new videos for the school visits to the Consortium to explain the campaign, and a documentary on the reality of recycling and waste management in our territory.

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