January 28, 2018

The Consortium receives a grant to develop a programme to prevent municipal waste

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The proposal, “Maresme is more reuse” was the second best rated of all the entries, and has received almost €45,000

The Maresme Consortium for Municipal Solid Waste Treatment has received a grant of almost €45,000 from the Catalan Waste Agency to go towards projects for the prevention of, and preparation for the reuse of municipal waste. The proposal presented by the Consortium was the second most voted out of 70 candidate options, with a score of 26.3 out of 30, and it came close to the maximum possible grant of €50,000 made available by the Catalan Waste Agency.
The project presented by the Consortium is brought together under the title “Maresme is more reuse”, and envisages the establishment of a support and assessment service for citizens so that they themselves can repair certain objects, or exchange them, or take them to a professional who can repair them. Options for second-hand buying and selling would also be made available. In this way, there would be access to a fundamental tool for the contribution to the reduction of municipal waste, maintaining the value of goods and materials which are still useful.
The project “Maresme is more reuse” is part of the actions included in what the Consortium are calling their Fourth Generation, which takes their current work a step further, with a groundbreaking proposal which allows the development of the Circular Economy, safeguarded by the environmental and socioeconomic progress of the Maresme, with new projects and new technologies to maximise the recycling and recovery of waste.

The project aims not only to increase the implication and active participation of the inhabitants of the Maresme, but also to facilitate communication between citizens and the Consortium. It is expected to be housed on an external plot near the Maresme Integral Centre for Waste Recovery. The programme plans to have a team of three people who will encourage and manage the activities, and a portal website which will collect all the latest information on services and timetables in the area.
The Consortium has scheduled the process of the creation of this new service, which could begin to operate at the beginning of 2019. The total cost of the programme “Maresme is more reuse” is estimated to be around €125,000.