March 6, 2017

UTE TEM of the Consortium collects the ASEPEYO award for good practices in occupational risk prevention

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The initiative “Educating to Work Safely” has significantly reduced the incidence of musculoskeletal disorders and reduced the cost of absenteeism

At the end of January, César Rueda, manager of UTE Maresme Ecological Treatments (UTE TEM) at the Consortium plant for Municipal Solid Waste Treatment, collected the Asepeyo award in Bilbao for the best preventive contribution of the institutional representation of workers and companies. David González, risk prevention representative at UTE TEM, collected the prize in the company’s name.


The company has achieved this honour in the area of prevention for its project ‘Educating to work safely’, an initiative which is organised around the education and subsequent modification of preventive behaviour of the workers with respect to safety; the objective being to adopt new habits which help to prevent muscular injuries.


The implementation of the method was carried out with a campaign to raise the awareness of the employees through training activities to promote and consolidate the culture of corporate risk prevention. Among the proactive activities organised were sessions of osteopathy and an explanation of kinesiology tape to prevent musculoskeletal disorders. A ‘Safety Week’ was held, and a programme of visits to detect possible safety deficiencies was planned.


The implementation of the initiative has allowed the company to significantly reduce the incidence of musculoskeletal disorders by 58% and reduce the cost of absenteeism by 52.87%.


Video of the highlights published by Asepeyo: