September 28, 2016

Carles Salesa explains the waste-to-energy model at the ISWA 2016 congress in Serbia

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The success of the model used at the Mataró plant has generated international interest

From the 19th-21st September the ISWA (International Solid Waste Association) Congress is taking place in Novi Sad (Serbia).

The director of the Consortium for Municipal Solid Waste Treatment of Maresme, Carles Salesa, has taken part in the work group on technologies for energy recovery from solid urban waste, and has been sharing the experience gained at the Mataró plant, internationally recognized as a successful model.

The ISWA Congress is the world’s most important waste management congress. Its philosophy is that waste shouldn’t exist. Waste is reused and kept to a minimum. It is then collected, recycled, and treated adequately with the aim of achieving a clean and healthy environment. ISWA actively promotes the defence of human health and the environment, as well as looking to guarantee sustainable management of resources.

In this congress, waste management is being treated from a scientific, economic and social perspective, with presentations and international networking to share knowledge and experience in sustainable waste management and climate change mitigation. Experts participate in work groups to further knowledge and experience, in a model of permanent cooperation with all parties interested in waste management, particularly the national members of ISWA, as well as international institutions and organizations.
One of the main objectives of ISWA is to raise the level of international awareness about waste, and guarantee international forums for the exchange of knowledge and technology in order to achieve better waste management, an improvement in health, and environmental progress towards a more sustainable society.