May 10, 2016

Carles Salesa explains the effects of territorial collaboration on the management of waste

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‘Minimize waste, maximize resources in the local world’ was the title of this workshop in Granollers

The director of the Consortium for Municipal Solid Waste Treatment of Maresme, Carles Salesa, explained the benefits of territorial collaboration in the management of waste and the resulting synergies. Salesa focused on the experience of 10 years of collaboration in the treatment of waste between the counties of Maresme and Vallès Oriental, based on the treatment of leftover waste material generated in the territorial area in the Mataro plant, and the treatment of organic material selectively collected in the same area in the Granollers plant. This exchange of flows allows the maximization of the material and energy recuperation of the waste due to its treatment at plants which are specialized in each area. This talk was given as part of the first CRESIDUSVO day, organized on the 28th April, by the Consortium for the Management of Waste in Vallès Occidental, and took place in the Natural Science Museum in Granollers. Also participating in the day were technical experts in recycling, environmental technicians and elected representatives from the Town Halls of Vallès Occidental, representatives from the Agencia de Residuos in Catalonia, companies from the waste sector, and third-sector enterprises who work in the reuse of objects and labour market inclusion.