May 31, 2016

The Consortium will present its model of waste management and the recovery of waste, in Latin America

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The Consortium will participate in the IV RELAGRES Seminar in Chile from the 2nd-4th June

The president of the Consortium for Municipal Solid Waste Treatment of Maresme and mayor of Mataro, David Bote, together with the director of the Consortium, Carles Salesa, will travel to Chile to participate in the IV RELAGRES (Latin American Network for Solid Waste Management) seminar which takes place from the 2nd-4th June of this year.
The central aim of the seminar is, on one hand, to address and debate the current state of waste management in Latin America; and on the other, to find out about and learn from the advances and experiences of other participating countries such as Sweden, Spain, France and Germany. 
David Bote will give a conference on the 3rd June, where he will explain the importance of good policy and strategic vision in waste management, focusing on the specific administration which is carried out by the Consortium in Maresme.
Carles Salesa will explain the application of new technologies for waste management, at a round table, which is being held on the 2nd June. This will be the IV edition of this international seminar, which will bring together around 400 professionals from companies in both the public and private sector, experts in waste management, as well as representatives of public institutions.