November 12, 2018

​The Sao Paulo government visits the Mataró Eco-park

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The municipal waste agency in the Brazilian city is considering building a similar installation to the one in Mataró

On Monday 5th November a delegation from the government of the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo visited the installations of the Maresme Consortium for Municipal Solid Waste Treatment. This city, the most populated in Brazil, is examining the viability of building an eco-park with similar characteristics to the one located in Mataró. For this reason, they carried out a complete tour of the installations, and talked to the president of the Consortium, David Bote, and its technical manager, Carles Salesa, about public policies in waste management that are currently being carried out in our country.

The Brazilian party was headed by Edson Tomaz de Lima Filho, president of the Sao Paulo Municipal Waste Agency; Tulio Rossetti, technical director of the same entity; Fernanda Romero, the project’s technical consultant and Carlos Silva Filho, managing director of ABRELPE and vice-president of ISWA (International Solid Waste Association).