November 20, 2018

A delegation from the metropolitan area of Santiago, Chile, visits the Consortium

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The regional government of the capital of Chile wants to build a large waste management installation based on the model of the Mataró plant

On Friday 16th November, a delegation from the government of the metropolitan area of Santiago, Chile visited the installations of the Maresme Consortium for Municipal Solid Waste Treatment, in Mataró.  The party took a guided tour around the different parts of the complex, with the aim of seeing how the plant and the management model works. The intention of the metropolitan government in Santiago is to build a centre with similar characteristics, but with a much larger capacity, up to 400,000 tonnes of solid waste per year.  

The Chilean party was headed by Karla Elizabeth Rubilar Barahona, governor of the Metropolitan area of Santiago (the equivalent of the president of the region, appointed directly by the president of the Republic of Chile), accompanied by other political representatives of the Regional Council: Celin Moreno Cruz (infrastructure commission), Ramón Andrés Mallea Araus (social and production development commission), Rodrigo Cornejo Inostroza (environment, land management, production development and health commissions), and Sofía Valenzuela Delpiano (infrastructure, environment, land management and production development commissions).

The metropolitan area of Santiago, Chile includes the capital and is the most populated in the country, with more than 7 million inhabitants. Annually it produces around 3.2 million tonnes of municipal solid waste. For this reason there is great interest in building a waste-to-energy plant to recover part of the non-recycled fraction of municipal waste (approximately 25/30% of the total municipal waste produced). The different members of the delegation which visited the Consortium are also representatives of some of the different provinces which make up this region: Chacabuco, Cordillera, Maipo, Melipilla, Santiago and Talagante.