July 3, 2023

Maresme Circular promotes food reuse with a cooking workshop in Canet de Mar

by MaresmeCircular in Consortium
  • On Saturday 1st July, as part of the town’s annual festival, the cook Montse Sahún will share several recipes to avoid food waste

As part of the Canet de Mar town festival, Maresme Circular will be offering a cookery workshop to promote food reuse.

The activity, free and open to everyone, will take place in the Plaça del Mercat on Saturday 1st July at 11am.

Fuet tartar, red bean burgers, a ‘healthy bowl’ with leftover chicken and lentils or garlic bread to make the most of the slices of bread with tomato from the previous day, are some of the recipes that the cook Montse Sahún will teach the participants how to make, step by step. After each recipe, there will be a tasting of each of the dishes.

In Catalonia, each person wastes 35kg of perfectly good food per year. 58% of this is wasted in the home. Making recipes for reusing food is one of the many things we can do to avoid waste. Planning meals and making a list of what we need, taking into account everything we already have at home before going shopping, sorting food in the fridge and larder and rotating everything that should be eaten first to the front of the fridge, as well as freezing food before it spoils, are other things we can do to consume food responsibly.

Reducing waste by 26.4%

This cooking workshop is part of a series of actions to reduce food waste that Maresme Circular and Rezero are carrying out during 2023 as part of the Maresme Waste Prevention Plan. The Plan. This plan was drawn up in 2022, and aims to reduce waste generation in the region by 26.4% by 2027, compared to 2010.

The cook Montse Sahún during a cooking workshop in Vilassar de Mar / Marga Cruz