June 8, 2023

Maresme Circular launches a recipe competition for reusing food to reduce waste

by MaresmeCircular in Consortium
  • The most original recipe that makes the best use of food will win a meal for two at El Nou-Cents restaurant in Mataró

  • The initiative is part of the Maresme Waste Prevention Plan, which aims to reduce waste generation by 26.4%

Maresme Circular has launched a recipe competition for reusing food with the aim of promoting this practice to reduce food waste. Until 3rd July, any adult resident of Maresme can send in their proposals. The most original recipe, with the best use of seasonal and local products, will win a meal for two people at the El Nou-Cents restaurant in Mataró.

The jury will be made up of the head chef of the restaurant El Nou-Cents, Josep Maria Martín, the mindful eating teacher Marta Castells, a member of Maresme Circular and a member of Rezero.

To participate, contestants will have to send the recipe and photographs and/or a video to cbrossa@cresidusmaresme.com.

Prize-giving with cookery workshop

The prize-giving ceremony will take place on 14th July in the e-Ágora space at the Plaça de Cuba Market in Mataró, and will be accompanied by a cookery workshop on reusing food open to the public and especially to all participants in the competition.

The initiative is part of a series of actions to reduce food waste that Maresme Circular, a project of the Maresme Waste Consortium, and Rezero are carrying out in 2023 as part of the Maresme Waste Prevention Plan. The Plan, drawn up in 2022, aims to reduce waste generation in the county by 26.4% by 2027, compared to 2010.

35kg of food wasted

In Catalonia, each person wastes 35kg of food in good condition per year. 58% of this is wasted in households. On an environmental level, the impact of unused food waste which ends up in waste circuits, is not only a waste of natural resources and energy but also has a major environmental impact in terms of carbon emissions.

Making recipes for reuse is one of the many things we can do to avoid waste. Planning meals and making a list of what we need, taking into account everything we already have at home before going shopping, rotating food in the larder and fridge by putting that which should be eaten first at the front, or freezing food before it spoils, are other gestures we can make to consume food responsibly.

Link to the competition rules: https://shorturl.at/kxBKL

Garlic bread with slices of day-old bread / Marga Cruz