October 16, 2017

The Maresme maintains itself above the Catalan average for selective waste collection during 2016

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With 43.21%, it is the ninth best region in terms of the amount of selectively collected waste per inhabitant

The Maresme again maintained itself, with a significant 43.21%, above the Catalan average for selective waste collection in 2016. The average has been established at 38,53%, according to the data on selective collection facilitated this August by the Catalan Waste Agency, and the Consortium’s own data of the residual waste which enters the plant. Although the Maresme results show a slight improvement with respect to the data from the previous year, 2016 can be considered as a year of consolidation in terms of the results obtained in the region, after the significant increase in 2015. Referring to individual results, it is worth noting that 6 municipalities in the Maresme have already reached, in 2016, the objective of the General Program of Prevention and Management of Waste and Resources in Catalonia 2020 (PRECAT20), which establishes a goal of 60% in selective collection for 2020. These municipalities are: Canet de Mar 69%; Cabrils 64.3%; Sant Pol de Mar 64.2%; Argentona 63.7%; Cabrera de Mar 62.4%, and Sant Vicenç de Montalt 60%. Another eight municipalities have reached 50% selective collection: Sant Andreu de Llavaneres 59.3%; Sant Cebrià de Vallalta 58.5%; Caldes d’Estrac 56.1%; Vilassar de Dalt 53.7%; Òrrius 53%; Vilassar de Mar 50.8%; Arenys de Munt 50.7%, and Teià 50.2%. With these percentages, more than half of the municipalities in the Maresme, 14 out of 27, reached 50% selective collection in 2016.During the whole of 2016, each person in the Maresme selectively collected an average of 238.39 kg, or 0.65 kg per day, using the different methods of separation at origin. The total municipal waste generated per person was 551.73 kg, or 1.51 kg per day. In this ratio of generation per capita, the Maresme again finds itself above the Catalan average of 1.36 kg per person and day in 2016. However, we have to take into account the particular circumstances of the Maresme, which acts as the depository for waste generation by the tourist and seasonal population who are not registered inhabitants. With reference to Catalonia, the Maresme is placed as the ninth region out of forty-two with the most selective collection in kg per person and year, in a table headed by Vall d’Aran, Pallars Sobirà and Baix Empordà. Concerning the percentage of selective collection out of total waste generation, the Maresme drops to fifteenth place, in a table headed by Osona, Pallars Sobirà and Terra Alta. To improve these results, the Maresme Consortium for Municipal Solid Waste Treatment – made up of all the region’s municipalities except Tiana, Montgat and Tordera – is currently preparing an innovative regional campaign to promote selective collection, which will have different formats and will see the light of day in Autumn 2017.