March 5, 2020

The Consortium celebrates World Environmental Education Day with its best ever figures for the guided tour programme ‘Un Volt als Residus’

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There has been a notable increase in visits to the plant, participation in workshops and presence at educational fairs

Sunday 26th of January was World Environmental Education Day and for the Maresme Consortium for Municipal Solid Waste Treatment, this day arrived after by far the best year, in terms of impact, of the environmental education programme which the Consortium has been running for seven years, under the name of “Un Volt als Residus”, and which includes a guided tour of the plant. 

Specifically, in the academic year 2018/2019, 5,628 people visited the Maresme Integral Centre for Waste Recovery (500 more than the year before), the majority of them schoolchildren of all ages. 4,356 people (around 700 more than the previous year) participated in one of the workshops which was organised outside the plant (mainly in schools). Finally the number of participants in activities at fairs and other events mainly organised by member Town Halls of the Consortium almost tripled, from 607 people during the year 17/18 to 1,683 in 18/19.

From 2013 until the end of October 2019, The guided tour programme has received 21,369 visits, the majority of them from the Maresme (around 65%, almost 14,000 visits). There have also been numerous visits from the Barcelonès (15.5%), Vallès Oriental (almost 10%) and Vallès Occidental (4.6%).

Regarding the age of the visitors, the largest group of visitors has been from the first cycle of secondary school (around 7,500 visitors), followed by the second cycle of secondary school, and the final cycle of primary school. Throughout these years, students from all educational institutions, from universities and training colleges to pre-primary schools and recreational centres, have been able to enjoy the visits, workshops and activities at the plant. 

Finally, since the programme began workshops for special events in 2018, up until the end of the course 18/19 they were present at 17 fairs, the majority in the Maresme county, with a total of 2,290 participants.