May 16, 2017

Carles Salesa shares the experience and distinctive features of the Consortium at an international conference in Buenos Aires

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The Consortium Manager gave a presentation on the regionalisation of solid waste treatment

The manager of the Consortium for Municipal Solid Waste Treatment of Maresme, Carles Salesa, attended the international conference on solid waste treatment organised by the International Solid Waste Association on the 27th April at the Isalud University in Buenos Aires (Argentina).Salesa shared the experience and distinctive features of the Maresme Waste Consortium during his presentation on the regionalisation of solid waste treatment. The presentation was given with the vice president of the Technical Association for the Management of Waste, Urban Hygiene and Environment (ATERGUS), Rafael Apraiz, who spoke about the practice of grouping municipalities in Spain together specifically for waste management.The conference enjoyed the interventions of, for example, Antonis Mavropoulos, president of ISWA, Sergio Bergman, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development in Argentina, Weine Wiqvist, president of the European Association of Municipal Waste, and the vice president of international relations for Veolia, Gary Crawford. The role of the circular economy in the fourth industrial revolution was also debated during the conference, as well as, amongst other things, the evolution of EU policy in themes of waste management, and the effect of waste on climate change.