February 14, 2018

​The Consortium kicks off the communication campaign “Recycle and Win”

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The Consortium wants to explore new ways to generate content in material to encourage recycling, in contrast to the traditional campaigns which have little to show in terms of results

The Maresme Consortium for Municipal Solid Waste Treatment has presented the bulk of the communication campaign “Recycle and Win”, planned as a transmedia action which will last several weeks, in which the content generation related to encouraging recycling at home is more important than the advertising reach. The central message of the campaign, which will serve as the guiding theme in all the material is, in contrast to the usual campaigns which emphasise the environmental aspects of recycling, the economic repercussion which the improvement of selective collection and good recycling practices has.
To that effect, during the last few months various campaign material has been produced, including viral videos, graphic art aimed at children, and new videos to explain the campaign to the visitors to the plant. This week, one of the most innovative parts of the campaign begins, a documentary about the reality of recycling and waste management close to home, scripted by the writer from Premià de Mar, Pep Bras, and presented by Quim Masferrer.

The Consortium wants the “Recycle and Win” campaign to mark the beginning of a new way to understand awareness campaigns, given the scarce return in results which result from the traditional campaigns which periodically flood the media. First and foremost, the campaign has been managed internally to optimize the available resources. Secondly, the municipalities in the Consortium have been involved from the beginning, and they can adapt and personalize the campaign material for local use. Thirdly, the material is divided into different formats, aimed at all audiences, and prioritises a didactic view rather than one based purely on advertising.
The audiovisual and viral actions, which are centralised on the website reciclaiguanyaras.cat, are complemented by street activities. For example, at the end of November, 2000 advent calendars and 4000 fridge magnets were handed out during street theatre activities in the 27 member municipalities of the Consortium.
More information at: http://reciclaiguanyaras.cat