September 27, 2022

The industrial phase of the Mataró-Maresme Circular Park takes a step forward

by MaresmeCircular in Consortium
  • The Maresme Waste Consortium awards DeltaPunt the contract for the demolition and removal of pre-existing elements in the industrial phase of the building of the Mataró-Maresme Circular Park

  • The field work on the site, which is scheduled to last four and a half months, will involve clearing the land, as well as demolishing concrete and steel structures and surface cement, among other things

The Maresme Waste Consortium and the company DeltaPunt have signed the contract for the demolition and removal of pre-existing structures on the Mata-Rocafonda industrial estate as part of the second phase of the Mataró-Maresme Circular Park.

The works mainly involve clearing the land, removing pre-existing conduits containing asbestos, dismantling and demolishing concrete and steel structures, as well as dismantling and demolishing surface cement, among others.

The duration of the field work on the site is expected to be four and a half months and the cost of the work will be 498,460.10 euros.

Technological and industrial activities

The Mataró-Maresme Circular Park is a pioneering project in Europe that was created with the aim of promoting the repair and reuse of materials and products to reduce waste production. It is expected to be built in phases; the second phase, which is now beginning the work of removing pre-existing elements, will focus on industrial and technological activities, with private companies that take the circular economy into account in their business model.

The private companies that form part of the Mataró-Maresme Circular Park will be able to access a long-term lease under advantageous economic conditions, as well as the possibility of generating symbiosis in certain flows between the companies located in the Park or the Maresme Waste Consortium itself, among other advantages.

Archaeological prospecting in the first phase of the Park

Work on the first phase of the Park, which is intended for prevention, raising awareness, and repair and reuse activities aimed directly at the public, was postponed a few months ago due to the discovery of archaeological remains of Roman origin on the plot where the project is to be built. A series of archaeological works are currently being carried out to determine the value of the finds and the impact they may have on the construction of the Circular Park.

Imatge de la parcel·la del polígon industrial Mata-Rocafonda / Marga Cruz / Consorci de Residus del Maresme

Image of the Mata-Rocafonda industrial estate / Marga Cruz / Maresme Waste Consortium