April 22, 2021

The Circular Economy, a professional sector for the future

by MaresmeCircular in Consortium


From the Maresme Waste Consortium, on behalf of the Mataró Maresme Circular Park project, last Friday we took part in the round table “Take charge of your future: find out about the opportunities in today’s job market” organized by the Mataró Employment Service.

This activity was held as part of the SIOP 2021 Professional Information and Guidance Week. In this, Miquel Caballé, responsible for the development of the Mataró Maresme Circular Park project, participated with other entities from sectors considered a priority in the city of Mataró, such as the third sector, care for dependent persons and knowledge and training.
With the idea of showcasing a vision of the professional future, Caballé participated in the round table together with Ana León and Natalia Olmo (Fundació Vellaterra), Xavier Dachs (Sudara Inserció) and Luz Hernández (TecnoCampus). Lasting an hour and a half and by means of a videoconference meeting, the presentations focused on explaining first-hand the professional opportunities as well as the requirements and skills necessary to access the different jobs that are generated in their sectors.

Miquel Caballé spoke about the vision of change towards which the waste management sector is heading, which is the circular economy. On this subject, he pointed out that different profiles will be needed to face this challenge which, in his words, is clearly social, political and economic. Caballé emphasized that transforming the traditional linear economy into a circular one will involve sociologists, politicians, political scientists, jurists, lawyers and economists, among others. The change towards circularity is a leap in the model that involves rethinking the way we live and, therefore, places value on sectors such as eco-design, repair, servitization and dematerialization.

In this link you can watch the whole round table from the YouTube channel of the Mataró City Council.