February 21, 2023

Maresme Circular protects the archaeological finds on the site where the Mataró-Maresme Circular Park will be built

by MaresmeCircular in Consortium
  • The Maresme Waste Consortium, the project’s driving force, has begun protection work on the site where the Circular Park will be located


This week, Maresme Circular has begun work to protect the archaeological findings on the site where the Mataró-Maresme Circular Park will be located, at the Ca la Madrona site in Mataró. This is the first step in the agreement reached between Maresme Circular, Mataró City Council and the Generalitat, after the completion of the second of the archaeological interventions that began in October 2021.

The agreement, the result of a report drawn up by the archaeological services of Mataró City Council, states that the findings – a hundred tombs dating from the 1st century and the 5th and 6th centuries, among others – are very important for explaining the origin of the city of Mataró and will therefore be removed, preserving their original structure and walls, by a specialised company, for their restitution and dissemination at a site to be determined by Mataró Town Council.

Maresme Circular, through the company Baula Arqueologia, in charge of the archaeological work at the site, has been covering the archaeological remains with geotextile since Monday in order to adequately protect the findings, while the tendering process for the definitive removal of the remains is underway.

Once the findings have been removed, the tendering process for the construction work on the first phase of the Mataró-Maresme Circular Park will be able to begin again. This work was halted at the beginning of 2021 due to the findings made during the initial archaeological survey that accompanied the work to remove the pre-existing industrial material from the site.

Mataró-Maresme Circular Park

The Mataró-Maresme Circular Park is a pioneering project in Europe, envisaged with the aim of promoting the repair and reuse of materials and products to reduce waste production.

“The project proposes to build a more sustainable future and we cannot look to the future without taking into account the past,” explains the director of Maresme Circular, Carles Salesa, who continues: “For this reason, protecting these archaeological remains, which for so many centuries have been buried in this space is of great importance to us.”

The Circular Park is expected to be built in phases, the first of which corresponds to the construction of the Remake Area, which will include a set of free services for citizens aimed at reducing waste: an advice service for self-repair in different areas (computers and electronic devices, carpentry and furniture, bicycles, textiles, domestic DIY, etc.), workshops and talks for citizens, as well as social inclusion activities for groups at risk.

If there are no other unforeseen events, the facility could be inaugurated at the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025.

Photograph of the second archaeological intervention on the site of Ca la Madrona in Mataró / Maresme Circular