June 14, 2018


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Quim Masferrer, the presenter of the documentary, will attend the event

This Thursday the 14th of June at 7pm, the Monumental Theatre in Mataró will be the venue for the premiere of the documentary “A Load of Rubbish”, produced by the Maresme Consortium for Municipal Solid Waste Treatment and presented by Quim Masferrer as part of the “Recycle and Win” campaign, which the Consortium is running throughout 2017-2018. In the hour-long documentary, the popular presenter explains the reality of recycling in the Maresme area, and by extension, all Catalonia.

The documentary is divided into four episodes, which can be seen independently, or when seen together, paint a complete picture of the reality of waste management. The four thematic blocks are centred on exploding the myths related to recycling, highlighting the economic cost of not recycling, exploring new ways forward to improve recycling rates, and understanding in detail the work that a residual waste recovery plant does. 

“A Load of Rubbish” was filmed and produced during the first five months of 2018. The scriptwriter is Pep Bras, from Premià de Mar, and the producer is Marc Barceló. Quim Masferrer, who will be master of ceremonies on Thursday, brings to the project his unique sense of humour and easy manner with members of the public, who end up becoming important characters in the documentary. Several environmental technicians from different Town Hall members of the Maresme Consortium have participated at different times in the filming.
After its premier at the Monumental Theatre, the Consortium wants to offer screenings of “A Load of Rubbish” to the different Town Halls in the Consortium, whether through education centres or environmental departments. What is more, the Consortium has begun conversations with different TV companies with a view to broadcasting the documentary in the Catalan region.