July 6, 2016

Last chance to submit proposals for “Call for Papers” at the Recuwatt congress

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For more information, go to: www.cresidusmaresme.com or the Recuwatt website: www.recuwatt.com

 June 30th is the last day to submit suggestions for Call for Papers at RECUWATT 2016.

With Call for Papers, RECUWATT aims to offer the opportunity to learn about projects and initiatives, both public and private, in order to improve waste management, which has a key role in the meeting the planet’s environmental challenges. For this reason, RECUWATT is keen to share the best world-wide projects with our audience.

Criteria to consider at Call for papers:

The deadlines to take into account are:
• Proposals sent: 30th June
• Proposals selected: between 20th and 30th July.

RECUWATT EVALUATION CRITERIA We aim to showcase unique, high-level presentations, which demonstrate ideas, practices and technology which are highly innovative, disruptive and inspirational. Criteria for selection are:
– The impact the proposal has on the themes of the Congress.
– The innovative content of the proposal.
– The originality, disruption and differential vision that it offers.
– The arguments and information that complement the presentation.
– The presenter’s curriculum and achievements.

From the website www.cresidusmaresme.com you can access the Recuwatt website or enter directly at www.recuwatt.com and fill in the entry forms.
If you have any questions in relation to Call for Papers at RECUWATT, don’t hesitate to contact us at: info@recuwatt.com