October 27, 2019

​A new glass recovery line at the Maresme Integral Centre for Waste Recovery will recycle 4,500 tonnes per year

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The new installation will allow an energy saving of 3,200 MWh/year and prevent the emission of 2,600 tonnes of CO2

The Maresme Integral Centre for Waste Recovery has completed the installation of a new glass recovery line. This represents an investment of 1.8 million euros, which has been spent on the new line, improvements in the process of biomethanization, and the relocation of the bulky waste shredder. The objective is to increase the recovery of glass, ferrous and plastic materials (PET and HDPE), resulting in a decrease in the residual fraction.

This new line allows 4,500 tonnes of glass to be recycled every year, which means an energy saving of 3,200 MWh, the equivalent domestic electrical consumption of 1000 homes. In addition, it avoids the emission of 2,600 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, the equivalent of taking 1,200 cars out of circulation, as well as the extraction of 5,400 tonnes of raw materials.

The current managing company of the centre, UTE TEM, won the tender for the project, promoted by Ecovidrio, for the recovery of glass from the residual fraction from the mechanical-biological treatment plants in Spain. The new glass recovery line has been in use since the beginning of summer 2019.